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  Curriculum Vitae
Date of birth: August 9. 1950
Place of birth: Novi Sad, Serbia
Languages: English, German, Serbian, Russian, and Spanish
1975 B.A. in Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade
1987 M. Phil., Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade (Master’s Theses „Perception of Interpersonal Relationships and Motivation for Work“)
1988 Cognitive Therapist, School of Cognitive Therapy, Opatija (Held by David Clark & Paul Shalkovskis, Oxford University)
1989 Cognitive-Behaviour Therapist, School of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dubrovnik (Held by David Clark, Paul Shalkovskis, Lars Göran Öst, Janet Wolfe and Windy Dryden)
1991 Rational-Emotive-Behaviour Therapist, Primary and Advanced Certificate, Institute for Rational-Emotive-Behaviour Therapy, New York
1995 Associate Fellow of the Albert Ellis Institute (former Institute for Rational-Emotive-Behaviour Therapy), New York
1996 International Supervisor for REBT
1998 – 2011 Member of the International Training Standards and Policy Review Committee, New York
2005 Licensed Psychotherapist in Germany
1975 – 1979 Industrial Psychologist
1979 – 1990 Clinical Psychologist
1989 – 1992 Professor of Organization Psychology, University of Novi Sad
1993 – 1999 Founder and Managing Director „GENESIS“ Consulting GmbH, Germany
1999 – Founder and Managing Director of the Institute for Cognitive Management, Germany
N. B. From the year 1975 until now M. V. organized and held many seminars, lectures, public psychotherapy sessions, workshops in Europe, Asia and America. Since 1992 he has been living in Germany and teaching managers, leadership professionals, doctors, non-medical practitioners etc. He teaches CBT and REBT in the Institute for Cognitive Management in Stuttgart.